Specialized Health Care

Getting more support doesn’t mean leaving your family. A Live-In Home Support Expert will stay with you at home either as a long-term or temporary option, to assist with unexpected needs or plan outings.


Live-In home support

A family member is aging and you’re considering getting her/him into an assisted living or nursing home? If you need long-term care, a nursing home or assisted living aren’t the only choices you have. As adults age, nearly 90% want to continue living in their own home. Even 82% of home bound seniors prefer to remain at home even if they need daily assistance. Whether your loved one has physical or cognitive impairments, live-in care can help him or her remain comfortable and safe at home under a caregiver. An assisted living facility or nursing home is by far the most expensive option available, so a Live-In Home Support Expert is a more affordable option waiting for you.

Live-In Home Support is a great option for people who want to age in a specific place. This type of service can help eliminate many obstacles you might face by providing one-on-one  personal assistance that ensures safety and comfort within the home environment. What are the benefits of our Live-In Home Support service?

Meal Preparation

Stay healthy with hot, nutritious meals served by our caregivers.

Medication Management

We check in and remind you to take prescriptions.

Assist in Daily Activities

We help with bathing, preparing food, and other necessities of daily living.

Preventing Falls

We will Take steps to prevent any falls at home.

Light Housekeeping

We provide light housekeeping services such as vacuuming and laundry.

Exercise Support

The patient's Live-In Home Support provider will assist in providing exercise support.

Appointment Management

We provide companionship at social events and doctor's appointments.

Grocery Shopping

An organized and full refrigerator is a happy one. Our home keeper can help with the grocery shopping, and can even keep a food inventory to ensure that you never run out of what you need.


We can provide conversation on topics that the client finds of interest, like sports, current events, and more!