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For more than 30 years, Quality Homemakers has been providing Personal Assistance, 24/7 and Live-In Assistance, as well as Homemaking and Companion services to clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts, USA.

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Our caring companions can help provide social and emotional support while encouraging independence within the home. Companionship service may include: socialization, accompanying to appointments or outings, 1:1 interaction with games, puzzles, walks- and more.

Homemaker Support

Our experiences homemakers can provide companionship services along with light housework, transportation and errand assistance. This service may include: dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, garbage removal, meal preparation, accompanying to appointments or errands, transportation and more.

Home Health Assitants

Our dedicated home health assistants can provide companionship and homemaker services along with services such as bathing/showering, dressing, transfer assistance, toileting, grooming/hygiene, medication reminders, meal preparation and more.

Overnight Assistance

Overnight services ensure that you or your loved ones have the help needed throughout the night- including just before bed, throughout the night as needed, and first thing in the morning. This service may include: bathing, brief/depend changing, oral hygiene and personal hygiene assistance, dressing, repositioning, toileting and more.

Live-In Home Support

Our trust worthy live-in assistants can provide companionship, homemaker and home health assistant services – helping to ensure that you or your loved ones can remain comfortable and safe at home with support where needed.

24/7 Care

Much like our live – in support, 24/7 support can provide companionship, homemaker and home health assistant… around-the-clock. This ensures that you or your loved ones have dedicated assistance anytime they need it morning or night.


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