Specialized Health Care

We provide personal care aid assistants who are compassionate, reliable. and trusted to ease the burdens. so, you don’t have to worry about daily tasks related to your personal care. Let us take your burden away!


Personal Care Aid Assistant

One of the biggest challenges aging adults face is how to live independently or semi-independently as they age in their own homes. Quality Home Makers  offers affordable personal care aid assistant services so seniors can continue living safely and securely at home without worrying about the daily tasks of living. We provide transportation for appointments, help with laundry tasks, meal preparation from scratch using fresh ingredients, and friendly conversation when it’s needed most.

Our Personal Care Aid Assistants are trained to provide care, emotional support, and companionship for individuals who cannot be cared for by family members or live independently. They help clients with tasks like going outside to senior centres where they can play games, work on hobbies and exercise in accordance with a doctor’s recommendation. Our Personal Care Aid Assistants also offer socialization opportunities, like attending entertainment events together, which gives them an opportunity to make friends too!

Caring Hygiene

We help keep the pathogens away by ensuring hygiene measures are being followed.

Medicine Reminders

We check in and remind you to take prescriptions.

Preventing Falls

We take steps to prevent any falls at home.

Dressing & Bathing

We will do your grooming, bathing, and washing.


We spend time doing meaningful things with you.

Light Housekeeping

Vacuuming and laundry are examples of light housekeeping that we offer.

Respite Care

Respite care provides short-term relief for primary caregivers.

Digital Communication

We can provide companionship and friendly check-ins to senior citizens by phone or video chat.

Nutrition and Meal Preparation

Stay healthy with hot, nutritious meals served by our caregivers.